What to see around Kraków?

Kraków is one of the most popular touristic cities in Central Europe. Many of you are coming there to see great architecture, take part in numerous cultural events, eat and drink amazing food in countless bars and restaurants. But what if you would like to see something more, some places outside the city? Everyone knows about UNESCO sites Wieliczka and Auschwitz, but did you hear  about these places?


It might be the smallest National Park in Poland, but definitely it is one of the most interesting. In this area situated approximately 30 km. from Kraków you will find scenic rocks, caves, castles, delicious food and one of a kind church that is built on the water! It is a perfect place for solo travellers, as well as families.

How to get there: getting to Ojców is very easy. From the center of Kraków you need to take any tram that goes to Bronowice Małe: 4, 8 or 24. There you need to change for a bus 210 and leave at the bus stop Czajowice (you should buy ticket for I & II zone). After 15 minute walk you will see sign informing that you are entering Ojców National Park


This small village of 2500 people, surrounded by hills, is located about 36 km south from Kraków. It is very often called a villlage of artist, as in this small settlement there are about 8 are galerries! Apart from that, there is the oldest B&B in Poland „Tadeusz” with unique atmosphere and great quisine, and very beautiful wooden architecture. There ar also many atmospheric bars and cafes.

How to get there: from Kraków there are two options. You should either take a train to Kalwaria Zebrzydowska – Lanckorona, from where you should walk for about 40 minutes through scenic landscape full of chapels belonging to UNESCO listed Kalwaria Zebrzydowska Monastery, or form Kraków bus station you can take a mini-bus directly to Lanckorona.


The most famous mountain resort in Poland is a great place for all kinds of tourists all over the year. Those who love hiking will find countless foot paths starting right in the city center. Those who love architecture will find unique wooden architecture built in zakopane style. Those who love food and good music will find many good restaurants. And those who love shopping will find very good shops on the main street Krupówki.

How to get there: buses from upper platform of Kraków Bus Station depart every 10-15 minutes. No need to book in advance.


Less crowded than Zakopane, Szczawnica offers a possibility to walk through Dunajec Gorge, Polish candidate for UNESCO list. After the walk you will be able to taste mineral waters and eat in one of many good restaurant in the center. Great place for one day trip!

How to get there: From Kraków Bus Station there are several direct buses per day.


Those of you who whave been to Wieliczka and would like to see more salt mines, there is a solution. Bochnia salt mine, just few kilometers to the east from Wieliczka, is offering amazing experiences. You will be able to catch underground train, use 140 m underground slide and see the only chapel in the world… where you can be hit by a train.

How to get there: The quickest way is to take train. From Kraków Głowny about every hour.



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