Top 6 places for coffee/beer outside of center in Kraków

When you go out most probably you go to Old Town or Kazimierz. Places there are usually full, and quite expensive. Have you ever wondered where do the locals of Kraków go? What interesting places outside of city center there are? Find our top 6!


Osada 2000

Located next to Błonia, is an ideal place to take a beer (only 6 zł) or eat some snacks like zapiekanka or french fries. Apart from that it is an ideal place to enjoy nice weather or to work, as the place offers very good wi-fi connection.

Adress: Piastowska 20, Kraków


Recently opened coffee bar offers you very nice atmosphere, amazing coffee (cappuccino 7 zł) and delicious cakes! It is also wonderful place to work as wi-fi connection is really fast!

Adress: Długa 78, Kraków


Probably the best pub in northern part of Kraków. It is located next to office buildings, and as the name suggest, you can meet there many office workers who visit it after work. Atmosphere though is very relaxed and pub offers very good craft beer (12 zł for a beer). Be careful as the place is closed on weekends!

Address: Bora Komorowskiego 9, Kraków

Nie lubię poniedziałków

Described as „tea club”, offers amazing home made cakes, coffee, beer and many cultural events such as concerts or meeting with interesting people. All this in amazing cozy interior.

Be careful as the place is closed on Mondays!

Address: Szlak 14, Kraków

Castor coffee&lunch

A very nice place for a breakfast, lunch or just coffee or beer. Located in the park, it is a prefect place to come with your kids who can play outside. Also a nice stop when you go for a walk!

Address: al. Kijowska 40, Kraków

Zielone Tarasy

One of the most amazing place in Kraków. It offers not only good lunches (it has a variety of vegetarian dishes) and drinks, but one of the most spectacular views over Kraków! In some days you can even see Tatra mountains from there.

Address: al. Słowackiego 64, Kraków









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