Where to eat in Lviv?

In recent years tourism in Lviv has exploded. The city bacame one of the most popular tourist destinations in Central Europe. Tourists go there to see amazing architecture, mix of Ukrainian, Polish, Jewish, Armenian and many other cultures as well as to enjoy very relaxed atmoshere of the city.

But that’s not everything what you can see in Lviv. The city has one of the most (if not THE most) amazing restaurants in Europe, and maybe even in the world. In this article we would like to advise you which restaurants are a must see in Lviv.



Probably the most famous restaurant in Lviv.

At first, you need to knock at the door and tell the password which is „Slava Ukraini” (Glory to Ukraine). For that you will get a free shot of home made vodka. After going downstairs you will find enormous restaurant that resembles a shelter during the II WW. For additional price you might go and try shooting to Putin, Yanukovych or Stalin. But that’s not the end of attractions. Go to the courtyard, where you will find a very huge machine that will allow you to control the world and to the roof of the building – you will find there a huge cannon that you can sit on 😊Restaurant is open 24h, so it is a perfect place to go for last shots or some food.

Adress: Rynok 14, Lviv


Baczewski Restaurant

One of the most elegant restaurants in the town. The main theme of the restaurant is Vodka Baczewski, a legendary vodka that was made in Lviv since 1782. The restaurant serves a mix of Polish and Ukrainian quisine. We reccomend you to visit it for breakfast that is served from 8-11 am. It is an „all you can eat” breakfast, with vodka and champaigne included. During breakfast you will be able to listen to live music played on the piano.

Adress: Shevska 8, Lviv


House of Legends

Restaurant located on a tiny street, at first glance doesn’t look like a special place. It is only until you come closer and spot a bizzare machine on the elevation. Soon after that you will notice an old guy wearing a big hat and telling a lot of stories next to the entrance. This should already raise your interest. When you come inside you will see a tiny wooden staircase. The restaurant occupies the whole building, and when you climb up you will see that every room is a different lviv legend. But that’s not all. If you’re strong enough to get to the roof of the building, you will find a flying car, the highest monument in Lviv and a chimney which you can enter. But that’s still not all. Come at 9pm Lviv time (which in fact is around 9:24 pm) to see a show on the elevation of the building. A must see!

Adress: Staroievreiska 49, Lviv



Most of you probably heard about masochism – the practice of seeking pain because it is pleasurable. But did you know that Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, the author of this term, was born in Lviv? Bar called Masoch-cafe is there to commemorate that.
Once you enter you will see that the whole place is covered by red lights and people are shouting and screeming… But don’t panic. Order a drink with punishment and see what will happen!

Adress: Serbska 7, Lviv



This 24h restaurant is also a brewery. Interior is designed to resemble atmosphere of Lviv in 1930s and so is the quisine. Ideal place to come for a breakfast, lunch or just to drink some beer. But that’s not everything that this place offers. Once you enter, on the left side, you can find a statue of a woman. If you touch her breasts in a way that she likes it, you will get a free beer!

Adress: Volodymyra Vynnychenka 6, Lviv



One of the most authentic places in the city. Located on Main Market Square it looks nerly exactly like in 1930s when it was favourite place for Lviv’s bohema. Inside you can find caricatures of Polish parliament, old advertisements and menu that looks like nearly 100 years ago. Highly reccomended for breakfast or coffee, but good place to eat lunch as well.

Also this place has a very nice legend. When you go to the toilet you will see a big inscription „Pan Edzio”. It is because the former owner of this place, Edmund Tarlerski, was the first person in Lviv to open in his restaurant a public toilet. Since then people in Lviv when going to toilet are saying „I’m going to Mr. Edzio”.

Adress: Rynok 45, Lviv


Lviv Coffee Mining Manufacture

You will see and smell this place from far away– as the smell of coffee spereads all over the Old Town. Amazing place to drink coffee and listen to one of many concerts that take place there. Be sure to take tour in the underground part where you can see the difficult work of coffee miners, as well as see surrealistic patio. Highly reccomended coffee with whiskey!

Adress: Rynok 10, Lviv



If you like Harry Potter or books in general that’s a must see for you. One of the most amazing coffee places you will see in your life. An ideal place for coffee, dessert or breakfast. The atmoshere is created not only by the interior, but also by amazing music you can hear there.

Adress: Volodymyra Vynnychenka 12, Lviv


The First Lviv Grill Restaurant of Meat and Justice

Ideal place for meat lovers. This restaurant located in middle aged city walls offers you not only amazing meat, but also a lot of attractions. If you do not behave a middle aged executor can put you in the cage! But don’t worry, meat is fresh there 😊Restaurant might be difficult to find at first, but don’t give up!

Adress: Valova 20, Lviv


Gas Lamp

How many of you knew that the first gas lamp in the world was invented in Lviv? Now when you know about that you should visit this restaurant. You will know that you came to the right place as you will feel the smell of gas used for lamps. The place offers amazing terrace on the roof as well as shots in test tubes called „chemical experiments”. A must see when in Lviv!

Adress: Virmens’ka 20, Lviv


Beer Theatre „Pravda”

Probably the best place to drink beer not only in Lviv but in Europe. Everyday from 7pm – 10 pm there is a live concert like no one else you have seen before. During the concert you will be able to drink beers like „Frau Ribbentrop” or „Putin you’re a dick”. You must check it out!

Adress: Rynok 32, Lviv


The Most Expensive Galician Restaurant

Last but not least, one of the most misterious place in Lviv. You need to climb to the 1st floor and ring a bell to the flat that is the closest to the staircase. A man wearing pijama should open you the door and ask you what you’re looking for. Tell him that you’re looking for restaurant for Masons. Once you’ve passed the exam and the guy will let you enter, you will move to a completety different world. Piano, BMW from 1930s, portrets of Masons are just few examples of things you should expect inside. Be sure that you will visit both of the toilets, as these are amazing too!

Tip: to get 90% of discount ask in Beer Theatre Pravda or House of Legends for a loyalty card 😊

Adress: Rynok 14, Lviv