And The Best Kept Secret In Europe Is…

When you decide to travel to Ukraine you probably think of going to Lviv, Kyiv or Odessa. But what comes to your mind when you actually hear the word „Ukraine”? Isn’t it wild nature, steppes, Kosacks, old fortresses and castles? You won’t see these when you go big cities. For that. you need to go the hearth of Ukraine – Ternopil Region.

Ternopil Region is one of the most interesting places in Ukraine. It is full of history, castles (33 castles!), small charming cities, natural beauty and folk culture.

How to get there?

The best way to explore the region is to go to it’s capital – Ternopil. You can easily get there from Lviv or Kyiv by night or day trains. There is also a daily direct train from Polish city of Przemyśl. You can explore the region either by regional trains (elektrichka) or by buses (marshrutka). Buses depart from bus station, about 15 minutes walk from train station.

What to see?

There are countless places to see in Ternopil region. All of them available for a day trip from Ternopil.


Zbarazh is a charming town about 24 km North from Ternopil.  You can easily get there by bus or by train. It is well known for it’s castle built in 1626. It is the best preserved castle in the region. Inside you can visit a very interesting museum, as well as try shooting from an arch. The castle i salso very well known for literature lovers. It took a

significant part in „Ogniem i Mieczem” („With Fire and Sword”) written by Henryk Sienkiewicz.

Zbarazh is not only the castle. You can also visit there a very interesting monastery from 1627.


Terebovlia is a very charming small Galician town located about 35 km south from Ternopil located in a very beautiful valley. You can get there by train or by bus from Ternopil.

The biggest tourist attraction of Terebovlia are ruins of medieval castle from 14th century, which took a very important role during the Polish-Ottoman War (1672-1676).

Behind the castle you can find a newly renovated monument of Zofia Chrzanowska, wife of the Captain Jan Samuel Chrzanowski, who has saved the city during the siege. From the top of the castle you can find a very nice view over the city.

Not far from the city, about 3 km walk from the city center, in Pidhora, you can find a magical place – ruins of 18th century monsatery, from which you can see a very beautiful panorama of the neighbourhood.


Further south from Ternopil, about 72 km, you will find one of the gems of Ternopil region. A small town of Buchach has a lot to offer. Townhall built in 1751 is probably the best example of Rococo architecture of the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Another attraction, Basilian monastery from 18th centrury, is located on the other side of the river. For centuries, it has been the one of the centres of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Western Ukraine.

That’s not everything. While in Buchach you cannot miss ruins of medieval castle built in 14th century.

Last but not least, remember that one of the most famous cognacs in Ukraine are produced in Buchach! You can buy it very cheaply in one of the stors in the town.


A charming town of Kremenets, located 70 km north from Ternopil, is from the first sight a bit different that other cities in the region. In 19th century it was part of Russian Empire, while the rest of the region was located in Austria-Hungary.

Also from the geographical point of view you will see a big difference. While Ternopil Region is rather a flat one, when entering Kremenets you will see mountains. It is because you are entering Kremenets Mountains region which is part of Volynia.

What to see in Kremenets? Definitely you must see Krzemieniec Lyceum a renowned secondary school which existed in 1805-31. The school s

erved as an educational center for the southeastern part of the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Kremenets is famous among literature lovers as in this town was born one of the most famous Polish poets and also Krzemieniec Lyceum’s graduate – Juliusz Słowacki. If you are interested, you can visit a very interesting museum dedicated to him.

The most famous landmark of Kremenets, the one that you see from every point of the town are ruins of the castle from 13th century

These are just few places you can find in Ternopil Region, but there ar emany many more places that should be visited. It is an amazing area, not yet discovered by tourists, so you can feel there some „real” Ukraine!

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